Smoke Detectors: Change That Battery

I know that you are supposed to change smoke detector batteries when the time change, but if you have not change them today.  Please do not become a statistic.  If your home is older than around 10 years, you probably only have battery operated detectors. They now sell detectors that use 10-year lithium battery’s that are much more user friendly than in the past. If your home is newer than around 10 years, then you probably have both hardwired and battery back-up detectors.  These batteries will need to be changed twice per year and tested every 30 days.  Please at Know Before You Buy Home Inspection we do not want to read or hear the news of tragedy.  CHANGE THE BATTERY

Extension Cord Safety

I do many inspections in Louisville, Elizabeth town, Mt. Washington, Shelbyville, Shepherdsville, even Rineyville Ky and I come across issues that are safety related.  Many of the finds we discover as inspectors are important, but some times we see things that we want to pass on as safety issues for you to avoid.  On my last inspection I found a very common issue that I wanted to address, extension cord and outlet multipliers. In this case it is outlet multipliers .  Those are the plug in’s for outlets that let you plug in as many as 5 things on one outlet.  These are not necessarily the the power strips we use for computers and TV’s, but the item depicted in the picture. Please do not use these as tey can become overloaded and result in fire.  If you need more outlets, use a power strip.

Home Inspection Tip of the Week: Firewood Storage

I was at a friend’s house Sunday and it was cold. He decided to start a fire, and being old school he still uses wood.  That is when I realized that I need to post this tip: Keep you firewood out of your garage and away from your home.  I may be convenient to have in your garage or lying against your back wall, but this is a recipe for trouble.

One of the most important firewood storage tips is to keep the wood at least 20 feet from your home and at least several inches off the ground. Firewood attracts a number of insects, including termites and carpenter ants, and you don’t want these bugs making a home in your walls or garage.  Once you have termites or carpenter ants they can be a costly pest to remove. For more tips on this and roof replacements visit

Also do not throw firewood into a lose pile. This makes a good home for rodents and various small varmints such opossums and raccoons and even some snakes.  Raccoons have sharp teeth and claws, carry rabies, and can wreak havoc on a garage or roof, so you don’t want to do anything that attracts them and makes them want to hang around your yard.

Remember that it is a great time of year for roasting chestnuts on an open fire, just keep in mind that the wood you are using can invite pests into your home.  Keep it a safe distance away and you should be safe.

Louisville Ky Home Inspection Reveals Power Lines in Trees

Power Line in Trees

On my last inspection I noticed that the main service line from the power pole transformer for this home runs through tree branches.  It is hard to see in the photo due to the tree cover, but this line is in danger of being damaged or even knocked down by this tree.  With the storms we had a few years ago, I am a little surprised that we still see this. If your service line runs under tree branches or through a tree it is in danger of being damaged.  Call your local power company and notify them.

Louisville Ky Home Inspector Finds Breaker Issues

Louisville Ky Home Inspector:  On a recent inspection I was looking over the breaker panel when  I  noticed that there is a double tapped breaker present. A double tapped breaker is a breaker which has two hot wires running from it to two separate circuits from a single pole breaker. In other words the circuit breaker is over loaded.  While this is a potential safety issue, it can be corrected by a licensed electrician. In some cases it is a simple as adding a breaker, in others it may be a little more involved.  If your inspector calls out a double tapped breaker consult a licensed electrician to make any needed repairs.

Louisville Ky Home Inspector Finds Crawl Space Issues

On my last inspection the home was built on a crawl space.  No inspector really likes getting into a crawl space, but if the access allows, you really need to get in there and look around.  Homes built on a crawl space usually have plumbing, HVAC ducts, wiring, water lines and interesting ‘stuff.’  Some crawl spaces even have the furnace installed in them.  Inspectors find some of the most interesting engineering projects down below the home.  It is almost like ‘if you cannot see it, it will be ok.’  These are some pictures from inside the last crawl space me and Bill (my termite guy) were in. 

I wonder how many wedges it takes to hold up the house?  Looks like it still needs one more! This is of course not an acceptable building standard.  I wonder how crazy Mike Holmes would have gone….

Just another day in a crawl space.

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