Another Satisfied Client

Hi Tim,
You inspected our potential new home in J-town yesterday. My boyfriend and I were very impressed by your professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge of the inspection. We especially were impressed by the binder of information regarding the home inspection and the digital photo album. We will certainly keep your company in mind for any future referral! Thanks again!
Lori R. and Doug E.

Clinets Rave About Our Service

I emailed them to see how they wanted to handle it. I really appreciate all you’re doing. Just so you know, I wrote my mortgage person and told her she should make referrals to you if the lender requires a home inspection.

What Our Clients Say

I received the binder you left on my door step today. I just wanted to thank you again, you have been very helpful in my home buying process. My wife and I were extremely impressed with your level of thoroughness and never failed to add a personal touch to your service. You have gone far beyond what I expected in a home inspection. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family in the future, thanks!
Justin B.

Why Get A Home Inspection?

This is Your biggest investment. Americans aren’t big savers. Instead of piggy banks, Americans own homes. If you buy a lemon of a house, you may watch your biggest investment go belly up. That is why it is important to use a licensed and trained home inspector to inspect your potential new home, or to inspect your home before listing it on the market.

You are given an inspection window when you make an offer on a residential property, that is your time to hire a professional inspector to look over the home. Once this window closed, it is too late for you to resolve any issues that would be the responsiblity of the seller to repair prior to closing.  At this point the issues are your responsibility.

If you are listing a home for sale, it is a good idea to get a pre-listing inspection completed on your home.  This will give you the chance to repair or disclosure any issues that are discovered during the inspection. As a real estate professional and an inspector, I have seen to many times a good offer is lost due to an issue found in the inspection process. If you know these issues in advance, you can make the needed repairs.  This will give the buyer peace of mind during the process ans show that you are being proactive in the listing and selling process.

Home Inspection “Finds” 2

Continuing the ‘Things that we Find’ theme, look at this photo.  This is a photo of a bathroom fan vent that vents into the attic instead of  venting to the outside of the home.  If you have fans in your bathrooms, you must occasionally look into your attic to make sure your vents have not come loose and venting into the attic.  The bathroom fan vent must vent to the outside of the home. If the vent goes into the attic, it increase the moisture and humidity in the attic and over time will cause damage to the roof structure and the decking.  In this picture you can see that the decking has started to deteriorate and this will lead to deck failure and could lead to mold in the attic.  Double check these at

Home Inspection “Finds” 1

Inspectors are always asked ‘what are some of your most interesting finds’ when we discuss what we do.  To that I will begin to post some of the interesting pictures that I have found on my latest inspections.  Some of these things will be from the wierd, other pictures and descriptions will be for informational purposes. These will be things you should look for in your own home to prevent issues.

Look at this first picture, see the towel at the base of the PVC piping, also the nice little water trap on the pipe.  In this attic there was also a nice, plastic sheets to help with water control from the many roof leaks.  Roof leaks that on a casual pass though a home you would not see.  These are reasons why you should hire a professional home inspector to inspect you potential new home.  There would be no indications from the home that these leaks were present.

Keep looking for more ‘Things We Find”

Home Inspection Tips: Chimney

On my last inspection I discovered that the chimney had some damage from a past storm.  This damage was fairly obvious but it made me think that it is almost time to start those fires.  This means that you need to call and get your wood burning fireplace inspected by a professional chimney sweep.  The fireplace also had evidence of nesting animals present. Had the new owner started a fire without having this chimney cleaned, it could have been tragic.  Chimney fires can destroy homes and for only a few hundred dollars you could protect yourself and family.  

In addition this chimney lacked a rain cap.  A rain cap will help keep nesting animals out of your chimney and will help reduce the moisture present in your chimney.  Moisture in a chimney can lead to other issues including brick cracks.  Remember that it is time to have your chimney inspected and cleaned.  Do not become a statistic.

You will also notice in this picture that the tree is actually growing over the flue.  This creates other issues and must be trimmed back.  Keep tress at or above your chimney and roof line pruned back. 
(Source: Rooftop Chimney And Roof Services).

Tim Mattingly Know Before You Buy Home inspection Services 502-759-6355

Home Inspection Tips: Extension Cord Safety

It is Christmas season and for many of us that means it is time to celebrate with Christmas trees, lights and many decorations.  This is also a time of the year that we dust off the good old extension cords, and begin to happily plug away.  Fire safety is very important this time of year and it is important for Aspect Fire Solutions to make us keep a few things in mind if you do not want to end up becoming a statistic:

  1.  Never use and extension that is frayed or damaged.  Wrapping them in ‘electrical’ tape is not the answer, it is time to simply buy  a new cord.  Do not be cheap; buy a good quality extension cord that is rated for your intended use.  Also NEVER overload and extension cord.  It is not a good idea to plug one electrical strip into another.  Use separate outlets for your power strips.
  2. 2-Prong, 3-prong, grounded outlets.  DO NOT plug a 3 -prong outlet into an extension cord that has a 2-prong opening.  Leaving the ground post exposed is a recipe for disaster.  Use a 3-prong cord for 3-prong plugs.
  3. Extension cords should be unplugged by pulling the cord out of the outlet by the base, not by simply yanking the cord out of the outlet.  By yanking the cord from the outlet you can damage the end of the cord, and can even pull the outlet loose from the wall.  Do not be lazy, pull out the cord by the base.
  4. Route your extension cords AWAY from heavy traffic areas.  Trips and falls from extension cords account for 2000 emergency room visits each year.  Look at your front porch and make sure your cords are not running over the steps. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission about 4000 people each year are treated for injury in an emergency room due to extension cord injuries and about 13% of those are children under 5 and include severe burns.  The CPSC also estimates that 3300 fires per year are directly related to extension cords, injuring almost 300 people and killing about 50. 

Do not be a statistic.  Be careful.

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1. Home Inspections Can Reveal Necessary Repairs

Home inspector in Louisville KY finds electrical concernIf you are listing your home on the market, a home inspection can identify red flags that may hold up your sale. You can then make the repairs to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market.