Rineyville Ky Home Inspection Finds

Ever had a drip of water appear from no where? On the last Rineyville home inspection the clients and I noticed a small water puddle forming along a garage wall.  Seem odd to us at the time- we had just finished running water in the bathroom so could this be the cause?  Turns out YES.  Upon a little further investigation- we discovered a leaking pipe behind the garage wall.  What made

Plumbing Leak

this worse is that the plumbing in this area included a compression type fitting hidden behind the wall and had probably been leaking for some time.  Since the water only appeared in the garage no one probably noticed it.  This catch save the prospective buyers a plumbing repair bill and probably helped the sellers since know they know the rest of the story.

Louisville Ky Home Inspection Tip

Fall Leaves

Fall is here and the leaves are beginning to ( if they have not already) fall.  There are a few things we need to start doing to get our homes ready for the fall season and one of the first items to address is gutters.  Although not real glamorous-gutters serve a great purpose for our home.

First they keep the water from running right down on our heads when we are trying to enter our homes, second they make great nesting places for birds and finally and more importantly they keep water away from the foundation of our home.  That is the reason for the post- AC Repair hate to tell you this but it is time to think about cleaning our gutters.

Keep in mind that if you have a tall home, do not like heights or lack the skills to clean your gutters please call someone to help you.  There are many company’s out there cleaning gutters for reasonable prices so please go and View the Vale Carpet Cleaning Cardiff website.  If you are comfortable, make sure your ladder has a sold foundation on the ground and be careful,you do not want to turn a pleasurable experience like cleaning the gutters into a trip to the emergency room!

Make sure you get all of the wet leaves away from your downspouts and the foundation of your home- also check to make sure the splash blocks point AWAY from your home and if needed add extenders to the downspouts to get the water away from your foundation. 


While gutters may not be that glamorous- they need some basic care to perform the intended function which is to keep water from harming the foundation of your home.

Stay tuned for the next fall/winter preperation tip.

Elizabethtown Ky Home Inspection Find

When looking for your new Elizabethtown Ky home you should always get a home inspection completed.  That goes for new construction as well as existing homes.  Below are a few pictures of the recent finds on new construction.  All of these items are fairly easy to repair-but you need someone helping you. You can contact Know Before You Buy Home Inspection Services for a complete inspection for your prospective new home in Hardin County, Spencer County and Meade County.

Small Water Stain on the Ceiling? This could be the cause

Small Spot on Ceiling

On most homes today when you look up at the roof, you see a white PVC pipe sticking up from the home. This pipe is usually a plumbing vent that goes out of your home through the roof.  Most homes today use a neoprene ‘boot’ around the PVC pipe that over time dries out and the gasket or flashing cracks. When this occurs, usually the first sign is a small stain on your ceiling.  If you see a small stain on your ceiling after a good rain, your first look should be this boot and pipe area.  I recommend calling a professional roofer for the repair, they are trained to walk on roofs and can make this repair fairly easy. 

Plumbing 'Boot' Issues

Elizabethtown Ky Home Inspection Find: Grading Issues

Downspout Missing Splash Block

On my last inspection in Elizabethtown Ky, the client and I noticed an all to familiar site- downspouts missing the splash blocks allowing water to pond by the foundation. What made this more interesting is that this one missing splash block was causing water to enter the garage.  When you lack splash blocks or the flexible downspout extenders, water can and will pool around your foundation and leak into your home. 

Fortunately this was easy to spot since the garage leak was obvious, but if this had been a finished basement, this leak could go undetected for some time and cause damage.  This summer while you are outside watering your grass, look at the downspouts and make sure either a splash block or extender is in place.  Could save you big in the long run. 

Garage Leak

Elizabethtown Home Inspection Finds: Deck Issues and Maintenance

Today’s Elizabethtown Home Inspection revealed a few items that need to be addressed this spring and may also be on your deck as well. The deck is a painted wood deck, two stories high and is bolted to the home.  The deck is actually bolted to the home correctly, which is a rare find today and the overall structure was in good condition.  However, there are a few things that stood out, so check your deck. 

1.  The were several (actually many) nails that had begun to rise from the handrail and the deck boards.  The nails overtime will come loose and the nails stick up from the boards.  These need to be reset or replaced with screws, they will actually bite you if you are not careful.  A toe will find these nails every time.

2.  The top rail had begun to splinter.  This is where everyone wants to run thier hands across and nothing worse than a splinter.  Make sure the rails where people grab are sanded and smooth.

3. The biggest issue was where the band boards joined in one corner, the boards had pulled loose.  It is a repairable issue, but if this is not corrected the band board could pull loose and cause the deck to become unsafe.

4.  This is a good time to check your handrail and spindles to make sure that they are tight and in good condition.  You do not want a person leaning on the rail taking a header so you need to make sure it is secure.

5.  Pressure wash or otherwise clean your deck.  Over the winter the deck may have had some moss or mold grow on top.  This will be very slippery when it gets wet and could cause a fall. 

Check over your deck this spring, look for loose nails, ‘splinter’ traps and make sure all of the joints are properly secured.  You want to enjoy your deck this summer, not become victim to it.

Louisville Ky Home Inspection Finds: Deck to House Connection

When we add a deck to our home, it can add to the outdoor enjoyment; but if not done correctly can lead to misery later. On my inspection Saturday the client and I saw firsthand what can happen if you build your deck directly against the house without using a flashing. When building a deck an attaching it to the homes band board, you must use a flashing to direct the water away from the siding and potentially the homes structure. Hire Los Angeles deck builders to help you build your deck.

On Saturday it was raining fairly hard (actually a good thing on an inspection) and we noticed that water was pooling along the edge of the deck where it met the house. This was concerning for multiple reasons, but mostly due to the home also having wood siding. Along the edge where the deck came into contact with the house, the exterior siding boards showed wood rot, and that was only the beginning. This home was on an unfinished basement (fortunately) so we were able to observe the band board, sill plate, floor decking and the floor joists. All along this area where the house and deck meet was water damage to the homes structure. The band board and the floor decking had taken the worst of it, but all of the area had some water damage.

The repair for this can be substantial since it will involve a great deal with Statewide Demolition and then who knows what else is uncovered. Keep in mind that as you start your summer deck project that a simple metal flashing installed by Commercial Roofing Austin while you are building the deck can save you trouble later.

Elizabethtown Ky Home Inspection Find

On the last inspection in Elizabethtown last week a potentially serious issue was uncovered.  Where the power lines run from the pole to the home, the lines were actually in contact with the homes aluminum trim. Over time, wind and vibration could cause the wire to rub on the siding and damage the insulation on the wire.  This damage could allow the aluminum trim on the home to become electrified and a potential shock hazard would exist.  It is an easy repair that the power company will make, but left unattended it could have a potential for danger.

Louisville Ky Home Inspection Find: Dangerous Wiring

The attic of homes offer a great deal of ‘home inspection finds.’  This is one of the areas that home owners try to make repairs, and out of sight out of mind really applies here.  On my Saturday inspection I saved the attic space for last since it was an older home and I expected to get a little dirty. The attic had a set of  stairs present so the attic had easy access and when things appear easy, they usually are not.  I was greeted at the top of the steps with the wire you see in the picture.  This wire was directly above the attic access entrance and if I had not been alert, this live wire could have easily caused a shock and possible fall from the attic.  Had the buyer been placing items in the attic, it could have been a tragic situation.  There are a few repairs that should be left to professionals and wiring is one of those. 

Now this is an easy repair for the sellers electrician to make as this wire should terminate in an approved electrical.  When buying a home, new or older, please get it inspected to ensure you do not get shocked, either literally or by chance.

Louisville Ky Home Inspection Finds: Fan Venting Issues

Vent fans are great in bathrooms.  They allow you to vent out of the room steam and moisture from showers and allow for ventilation in what can be an other wise tight space.  Older homes almost always had and windows in our
Vanity Units bathrooms for ventilation, but over time the windows (or at least an opening window) have disappeared and vent fans have taken their place. Vent fans are simple to install, if you have an over head light, you can in some cases just remove the light and replace it with a vent fan/light combination. There are rules about fan placement near showers and above tubs that you need to know, but this still can be an easy installation. The liquid floor screed is pumped into the floor space to create a perfect finish.

Do not have a light? Still a fan can be a simple installation, you will need to get into the attic and find the ceiling joists and install the fan.  You will need electric and a vent.  This is where the issues usually arise.  Most homeowners do not realize that the vent discharge tube must vent outside the attic and simply lay the tube on the attic floor allowing all of the moisture into the attic.  This will cause issues in the attic over time as the moisture can allow mold to grow in the attic.  The moisture will cause damage to the roof decking and goes almost unnoticed until it is too late.  You must get the vent tube to discharge outside the attic, run the line to the roof vent, soffitt vent or add a dedicated vent cover in the side of the home.  Do not let the vent cause you bigger issues down the road.