Small Water Stain on the Ceiling? This could be the cause

Small Spot on Ceiling

On most homes today when you look up at the roof, you see a white PVC pipe sticking up from the home. This pipe is usually a plumbing vent that goes out of your home through the roof.  Most homes today use a neoprene ‘boot’ around the PVC pipe that over time dries out and the gasket or flashing cracks. When this occurs, usually the first sign is a small stain on your ceiling.  If you see a small stain on your ceiling after a good rain, your first look should be this boot and pipe area.  I recommend calling a professional roofer for the repair, they are trained to walk on roofs and can make this repair fairly easy. 

Plumbing 'Boot' Issues

Elizabethtown Ky Home Inspection Find: Grading Issues

Downspout Missing Splash Block

On my last inspection in Elizabethtown Ky, the client and I noticed an all to familiar site- downspouts missing the splash blocks allowing water to pond by the foundation. What made this more interesting is that this one missing splash block was causing water to enter the garage.  When you lack splash blocks or the flexible downspout extenders, water can and will pool around your foundation and leak into your home. 

Fortunately this was easy to spot since the garage leak was obvious, but if this had been a finished basement, this leak could go undetected for some time and cause damage.  This summer while you are outside watering your grass, look at the downspouts and make sure either a splash block or extender is in place.  Could save you big in the long run. 

Garage Leak