Brandenburg Ky Home Inspection : Retaining Wall

This was easy to spot and fortunately this area was not longer being used for anything but some wood storage- but this is an example of a foundation wall/retaining wall failure.  This wall served the purpose of a foundation wall for an old apartment over a garage- but it is also a retaining wall due to the position of this wall.  The wall lacked any weep holes or means for reliving water and the pressure of the water running down the hill (and other factors)  literally pushed this wall inward but the good part is that this best reciprocating saw made the work.

Retaining walls hold a great deal of pressure from water and if they are not installed correctly- they will fail. 

Crestwood Home Inspection: Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Sapce Insulation

Crestwood Ky Home Inspection

On the last Crestwood Ky home inspection-the home was built on a crawl space.  No scary creatures in this crawl space- and overall a nice ‘clean’ crawl area but it had one issue- falling insulation.  Many home owners put insulation on the walls of the crawl space to help insulate the above conditioned space.  This can help make the crawl space ‘warmer’ in the winter and can help reduce energy use it needs to be intalled correctly.

In this crawl the home owner did not secure the insulation well.  This is an easy fix- but if left unchecked the insulation can become moist laying on the ground.  If you have a crawl space and it is insulated occasionally look into the space to make sure the insulation stays in place.
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Radcliff Home Inspection: Rafter Solutions

Truss 'modification'

I just completed a Radcliff Ky Home Inspection and there were a few interesting finds, however; one that was most interesting is pictured here.  The home had two furnaces installed in the attic.  Fairly common to find the furnace in a slab home in the attic in this area but what was not common was the installation method.  See this installer had an issue with the truss system in the attic- it was in the way of the install.  Complex solution is to get an engineer to evaluate, reconfigure a truss cord or two correctly and then complete the install-wall of which takes some time.

Easy solution- reciprocating saw, new wood blade and cut on the dotted line.  While I have seen my fair share of truss /rafter ‘modification’ on inspections this is one of the better ones.  This installer left the other end of the truss just laying on the attic floor. IF you are going to ‘alter’ a truss then at least clean up your mess. 

Remember that when hiring a contractor for repairs- make sure they are reputable and check references.  This alteratiuon is fixable-but it will nto be cheap.  Radcliff Home Inspection

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Condo Inspection-Louisville

Breaker PanelI get asked all of the time by clients if it is really necessary to inspect a condo before purchase.  While it is true that many patio home/condo communities have master agreements that take care of the exterior of the community (roofs, lots, facade, ect) there are still issues that can be discovered. For those curious about all the issues that a home owner needs to be ready for, you can find them here.  You will be responsible for the interior of the unit and if it is discovered that the exterior has issues- you may be able to resolve them before closing using the current owner to help navigate the community board.

On my recent condo inspection there were a few issues discovered on the inside including a roof leak-but the exterior offered a find that could be real serious in an emergency.  When the condo unit (8 units in this one building) was built the electrician did not label the main distribution panel which houses the main disconnect breakers.  While this is not normally a big issue- if you had an emergency and had to shut off the power it would be a guess.  Not of course you would shut them all off in an emergency- it would be some much easier if they were labeled.

There were some other issues discovered-but issues regarding safety should never be ignored.  Should you get your patio home/ condo inspected? It is an inexpensive process to make sure you are covered.